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From a £20 compact camera to successfully finishing three years as a photography student

Since I was young my grandfather always had many different camera, going way back to the early 1960s. So you could possibly, say that my interest has come from my grandfather.

My first encounter with a camera would be when I was gifted a Nikon Coolpix P1 from my father. After using the camera a few times, I wanted something more advanced, so I started my journey to find a camera. So after much debilitation with my father, I decided to buy a Nikon D3100. This was more than enough to learn the technical basics of photography. During this period, my time at high school was coming to an end.

I asked a support worker at the school to look into a possible photography course that I would qualify for and I got a response: -“there is a National Qualification course at New College Lanarkshire (formerly Motherwell College)”. Once, I got a response from the college, that I would have to build a portfolio before my interview date. I took photographs of all different subjects from flowers to trains to statues. This gave me versatility.

After gathering all my 6×4 portfolio images together, I added them to a wallet mounted on a4 card. I went to my interview, I ended up getting in. The rest is history, over the three years I achieved a National Qualification, a Higher National Certificate and a Higher National Diploma with a student of the year award (a little bonus).

If you want to be the best, you have to stay focused and make sure you dedicate your time to master your craft. During my Higher National Diploma, this was me, I might not be the most gifted photographer but I had an understanding of time management.
When something did not go right, I was straight back out, taking the constructive criticism in mind and making those changes need.

With Thanks:
Without the support from my family and the lectures at New College Lanarkshire’s photography department. I would have possibly not got through it, at time’s it was difficult, but I did not give-up.

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