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You could get sued for using old Adobe Products!!

This maybe all right, for most industry professionals running the latest operating systems on Mac and Windows. But this could be a major problem to media companies, which spend thousands on the Creative Cloud (CC) package a few years back. Not only, they might have to upgrade their machines (if not currently compatible), and spend lots of money for a license to cover all of their machines.

Even though this problem does not effect me, it is a growing concern for large organisations and people that own older machines that will only support early versions of Creative Cloud. If you are using the older Creative Suite (CS) package, I think you might be all right, due to it not being cloud driven software.

But this may not be the case in the future, so do occasionally check the adobe site for legal changes to the Creative Suite package.

Full Article: –
Adobe Warns That Using Older CC Apps Could Get You Sued

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