Hello it’s Chris here, I am the owner of Chris Nicholson (cnretouching)

I am a full qualified photographer with many other useful traits. During my last year studying photography at New College Lanarkshire, I became quite passionate about Photo Retouching and Photo Restoration. This propelled me to new levels and job opportunities within the creative industries. Since then I have worked with various clients throughout these creative fields.

I started my quest into the photographic industry, 6 years ago, when I got my first Digital SLR camera. At the time, I was leaving secondary school and was not sure what to do, so I decided to take the gamble and go study photography at my local college (New College Lanarkshire – Motherwell Campus). This gamble payed off, I am certainly hooked in the industry, when I am not working for money I improve my techniques every way I can. One thing that will never leave me about my time at college, would be the way to deal and prepare for upcoming deadlines. I ended up incorporated this into my life, let alone my business. After my time at college, I really started to enjoy Street Photography and this became a passion of mine, to this day, I am still enjoying every day I am out on the street.

I have experience in various fields of photography, if I have never done it before, I will certainly give it a try. Most of the techniques and industry advice that I have gotten over the years could easily migrate to another photography field total different i.e. understanding of lighting and composition. These are without a doubt the most important components in photography industry.